About the Brand.

CRWND Illustrations by KDS is a signature art collection illustrated and designed by artist, Keliah Smith. 

A note from the artist:

"So much heart and passion has been poured into creating each piece, and I hope you will experience the same joy in both the shopping experience and any item or items that you order. Each was created and designed with love and intent."

Our MISSION & Goal:
To uplift and inspire women of ethnic and multi-cultural backgrounds around the world through cultural identity, self-love, discovery of passion and purpose, healing, sisterhood and essentially blossoming into the crown she was born to wear, using her God-given voice, gifts and talents.
After going (or returning) natural about 8 years ago, I went through a series and levels of self-hate to self-identity, to self-love, with roller coaster emotions tied to each level. Once I got to a state of embracing who I was with my natural hair, I knew I wanted to be a sound voice & empowerment for women who are natural, who may desire to go natural or fear it because of the stigma and connotation that surrounds it. Being natural is not for everyone, but my message is to every brown woman: embrace who you are, show up as you are and go after what's yours.
Our Vision:
To dim the light on the everyday stigma that surrounds women of color and the natural hair that grows from our heads, whether be it locs, kinks, coils or just the brown skin she is in, and encourage women all over to "rock her crown proud", to be herself and show up as she is, over and over again. 
Thank you & enjoy :)
Keliah Smith